Rainforest Canopy Virtual Gift

Rainforest Canopy Virtual Gift

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This is a virtual gift. No packaging, no carbon footprint.

Stand under dense forest canopy and you’ll be amazed by the range of clicks, calls and whistles that come from the creatures above your head. Help Cool Earth’s local partners keep this intact by gifting canopy to your nearest and dearest. 

Tropical rainforest is among the most diverse ecosystems on Earth. It provides vital habitat for wildlife, is home to thousands of communities and plays an essential role in the carbon cycle. We can all play our part in protecting it.

Receive a downloadable Rainforest Canopy certificate of this virtual gift to give to a friend or family member after checkout.

This virtual gift represents a donation to our rainforest conservation work and is the approximate value to sponsor a hectare of forest for one year.

Earth’s most essential ecosystem, we all depend on rainforest for our survival.

Earth’s most essential ecosystem, we all depend on rainforest for our survival. It’s the planet’s living air purifier and natural pharmacy, hiding vast amounts of known and unknown medicinal plants under its canopy.

1.6. billion people worldwide relying on it for their livelihoods, and it is estimated to be home to 350 million people around the tropics. As well as being essential for shelter, health and food, rainforest is also an intrinsic part of many indigenous communities’ cultures and traditions.  

The rainforest is also a megadiverse ecosystem, home to millions of species of plants, animals and insects. Protecting these species is vital as we are believed to be losing around 135 species every day. That’s 50,000 species a year, due to deforestation.

If we are to preserve wildlife habitat, support local communities and keep Earth’s climate from further breakdown, the whole world must do all we can to keep Earth’s mega-diverse ecosystems standing strong.